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Sunday, April 09, 2006



This is delightful! I haven't seen dust in ages, but we did have a sunny afternoon midweek where we could tether the animals out on new grass, give them worming meds and start on West Nile virus (two down, three to go - I'm ok with giving vaccines, but prefer to pace myself :)


Oh, great picture!! Molly is getting her roll in the dust! She has a look on her face that says, "This feels so good I can hardly stand it!"


molly looks like she needs a belly scratch ;-)


Molly would definitely love a belly scratch, Vanessa, but see that dust cloud? That's an indication that what we have here is a Donkey In Motion. During the DIM state, a donkey is not responsible for where she happens to fling her legs and hooves - you would be advised to keep your distance! (The cutest part is when she uses her tail like a whisk broom to stir up more dust.)

Belly scratches come when she has all four legs firmly planted on the ground. ;-)

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