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Thursday, March 30, 2006



You have been busy! It's nice you got to eat with Keith and very sweet of him to remember to bring the wool you needed! Enjoy the stay in the Hilton!


Wow, you were lobbying for us too! I work at what must be a tiny FQHC clinic in comparison, but I bet you had an interesting time. And, glad to be back to the farm, too, I bet.


Birdsong, thanks for reminding me that you now work for a Federally Qualified Health Center! FQHCs are an excellent health care model, as I'm sure you'll agree. It is always a pleasure to hear of new clinics cropping up all over the place. I met a doctor at a knitting workshop of Friday, and it turned out that she works for a small FQHC in Virginia.

You are right that the one I work at is fairly large. Most of the folks I met at the conference last week came from health centers that had about 75 employees. Ours has close to 250 employees, and it gets closer to 300 during our migrant farmworker season.

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