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Sunday, March 19, 2006



If the adults have the "colored dye", that's often to tell the shepherd which ewe has been fertilized by which ram. It's from a waxy crayon that the ram wears during breeding. If it's on the babies, I have no answers. They sure are cute, though!


Oh, they are so cute. I just love little lambs. Baby lambs and baby goats are so darling!


Thanks for sharing such a spring-like photo; it is still snowing and raining and spring seems far away


First happened upon your blog as my wife and I were making plans to relocate to Western MD.

Best wishes.



I'm so glad you posted a picture of the lambs! My husband works with Keith, and apparently my sheep fixation is well-known enough that Keith told Conor about the lambs next door. I was so jealous that you had sheep for neighbors! Anyway, Keith said maybe you'd put up pictures, so I came to see.

My favorite thing is the way lambs wiggle their tails. Too funny.

(I love the pictures of the donkeys too. I'm a farm person transplanted to the suburbs, so I have to live vicariously.)


Heather, how nice to hear from you! Keith has often talked of you and your devotion to sheep. If we ever decide to take the plunge and add a couple of fluffy critters to our small menagerie, we will make sure to consult with you first!

I had thought that all the little lambs across the way had already grown too big for the cutest frolicking, but was surprised to see some new little ones this morning. Being able to watch them from our kitchen window while doing the dishes is definitely a perk.

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