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Sunday, March 12, 2006



This is going to sound totally crazy, and I didn't believe it myself until I saw it in action, but a skunk won't spray if it's in a Havahart trap. It needs to be able to turn its backside around, and there's not enough room. We've caught two skunks that way, and were able to dispose of them safely. (We also threw a tarp over the trap to plunge the bugger into relative darkness... I guess it keeps them calm).

It can be done!


I wish there was a harbinger of spring around here...we're still under the snow and below zero at night. The skunks, however, have been making midnight raids all winter. Their fine perfume has been noticed regularly around my neighborhood.


What great animal tales, although I love the crocuses best of all. I will have to plant more of them this fall.


Liz, I believe you about the skunk-spinning, really I do, but our trap is the big raccoon-sized number. We've trapped a raccoon, a groundhog, and a cat (shhh, don't tell anyone!) in it - not all at once - and there's plenty of spinning around room in there. Love that tarp idea, though!


Wanna know what skunks don't like? Mothballs ! Seriously. I had a skunk getting into the crawl space of my house. We'd wake up in the morning and the house would stink REAL bad! We could never see the skunk but saw 'droppings' of some kind of critter. Suspected it was a skunk. Bought a box of cheap box of mothballs from the local dollar store. Surprise ! Only cost $1 for a box of 24. Spread a few around in the crawl space, some outside the perimeter of the house. The skunk NEVER came back. Possibly if you place them in and around your property the skunks might leave.


Sold! Maggie, I'm going to give it a try. It kinda makes me cringe to think what's in the mothballs, but someone at work also mentioned them, and she suggested putting them in a bottle with cheesecloth over the opening so that the smell would do its thing, but the mothballs themselves would stay intact in the bottle...


That's the same one we have (or rather, had. It burned up in Jacob & Michelle's fire). They can change direction, but somehow they can't have their front and rear ends pointing in the same direction at the same time, which is what they need to do in order to spray.


I didn't realize that a skunk had to have both ends pointing the same direction in order to let fly with the odor. I guess it makes sense, though...a guy's gotta take aim somehow, I suppose.


Ah! Right, they do that U-turn thing so they can take aim. I wonder if the tarp helps in that regard, too. They won't shoot if they can't aim?

Also, Rachel makes a good point about skunks being nocturnal, while groundhogs are not.


Hello, I stumbled into your blog while I was looking for pictures of donkeys..I live in an apartment so have no chance of ever having one but I think they are wonderful creatures. I do share my apt with an 11 year old Siamese, or should I say she gives me the privilege of living there ;) I love how you write and the pictures...what a nice farmette!! warm wishes..Carla


I also learned that skunks HATE the smell of blood....not having any handy, I used a box of BLOODMEAL....worked like a charm!

knight gold

I also learned that skunks HATE the smell of blood....not having any handy, I used a box of BLOODMEAL....worked like a charm!

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