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Friday, March 10, 2006



Well, you are among the living! Yippee and skip a dee do da!!

I'm sorry to hear you were sick. Sometimes getting over things can take awhile.

I am glad you are back!!!


Whew! I was begining to wonder what happened to you!

Welcome back to the land of the living, and I hope you have now had your official quota of sickness for 2006.


THIS is why I use Bloglines... so I always know when you're around.

Can I say that we've started dreaming of a donkey? Not for a couple of years, but we thought it would be a helpful draft animal. And I like donkeys way better than horses. I showed James your donkey pics to drive home how we really "need" one. :)


Ugh...so glad to see you're on the mend. I think you've had your sickies for the entire year...right?!?!
Great to see you back


I am so sorry to hear how poorly you have been doing; I've missed you! Yes, the donks are wonderful sympathisers, aren't they? Mine have been grumbling about how terribly snowy it has been here (all 5 inches, but they hate it), and we are hoping for spring to come so we can begin spring training:)


Hello Janis,
Glad to see your feeling better!

Was beginning to think that you had tapped into your yarn stash and became encapsulated in a neatly knitted woolen cocoon.


I am so glad you're back and I am sorry to hear you were sick
I did come often to see if you'd posted
who now has a baby goat


You all are so nice - thanks for the good wishes!

At the risk of sounding like the whiniest person around, I'm sorry to say that I am still not back up to snuff. After wondering why I still felt so lethargic this weekend, I took my temperature a little while ago and am sorry to report that the low-grade fever (101 F) is back. Crap. And here I thought I'd managed to shake it off. Guess I'll be calling the doc's office tomorrow.


I did miss you, and I'm glad to see that you're among the living!

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