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Friday, January 13, 2006



also some skeins each round of yarn measures a yard, so you can sort of rough ballpark the yardage
(or at least it used to be)
and depending on your niddy noddy...you can still do that.
some swifts are 72 inches...isn't that two yards? ( I am TERRIBLE at math) so then in the skein.... you can do the figuring.

who may not actually know what she is talking about however.

it has to do with math and I am not good at math


Good point about measuring yardage, Vi. It makes sense. And, yes, 72 inches is two yards.

I am just the most unreliable blogger ever. Last night, I actually fell asleep in my office chair when I was supposed to be writing about finished objects and what not. I was awakened by a hard driving rain. It was really coming down, at an angle towards the office (which is a converted sleeping porch), and it was driving so hard that rain actually came in under the windows and soaked the old planks that line the outer wall. The office forms an overhang at the kitchen door downstairs, and all the wood in the rack under the overhang (I want to say "eave," but I don't think that's the correct word), all that wood got a soaking, which bummed us out. And the cat's nest got wet, which bummed him out, too.


Janis, if your weather thing is accurate, it's actually 10˚ warmer here. I am NOT grooving on this January Thaw!

Would you believe I have never gone to a knit night? A combination of homebody-ness plus not liking to drive at night. Yes, I am 33 going on 80, actually. ;)

I would say skeins v. balls is the yardage thing... its probably easier for the mfr., and when you ball it yourself you can see if there are any knots.


Sounds like a fun night! Would you believe that I use yarn for crocheting!! Oh yes! I tried knitting before but I liked crocheting better.


Wah...I've never been to a knit night, either. Don't even know how to find one. Wah wah. Liz, they hide the knots inside the skeins...I just knitted up the back of a sweater on the Bond...3...THREE knots secreted inside. Thank the stars for the Bond! It's the only way I'll get my stash under control by March!


Traditionally, skeins are wound after the spinning/drying process. The lengths of the skeins (the big loop) can vary depending on the niddy noddy used. In the case of hand-dyed yarn, when the yarn is untwisted from the skein you can sometimes see the dying repeats. I think the main reason yarn is sold in skeins is that it is just easier for the manufacturer - plus the yarn stays in better shape - thinking about what would happen to yarn at the center of a wound ball! Still, more manunfactures are selling their yarn in a center pull ball, which makes life so much easier....unless you are a maniac like me and insist on rewinding yarn into 'yarn cakes' with a yarn winder!

and that is my two cents!


I'm glad Jerry asked that question because the responses have been quite educational.

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