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Wednesday, November 02, 2005



Wow...what a scare, but what good news that they are home safe. It really makes you realize how much its possible to love your critters.
Hope you slept well.


Aw, they're like little kids who stay out too late! You must have been scared to death. I'm glad they are alright.


It was especially scary because a high-speed road fronts our property - we're talking 50 mph and many drive faster. Plenty of deer have been hit and killed as they attempted to cross the road right where Molly and Ambrose had wandered. Of course the donks have no concept of what a car or truck can do, they seemed to find everything a fascinating adventure.

And talk about adventure! Mrs. H (wife of our neighbor who called to tell us the donkeys were out), told me that a woman who lives on a side road saw the donkeys on our other neighbor's newly seeded meadow (a grassy area he planted after clearing out some overgrown thickets this summer). She thought the donkeys belonged to yet another neighbor, Mrs. B., who has mini horses and donkeys, so she called to alert her. Mrs. B. drove over looking for us, but we were at work. Instead, she found Mr. H. working in his yard. Mr. H. knows and likes our donks, so he went and tried to coax them to come home. They let him feed them carrots, but wouldn't follow him. Mrs. B's daughter and son-in-law showed up with halters, but the donkeys wouldn't allow themselves to be haltered - but they did take more carrots. Throughout the afternoon, neighbors took turns trying to get the donkeys home - to no avail - and neighbors' kids and grandkids fed them carrots and grain. Finally, it got dark and cold, and the donkeys had wandered off into the woods. Now we joke that the donkeys were really out trick-or-treating - only a day late!


Oh how scary! I can imagine the panic I would be in if our goats slipped out and went missing.

What a relief that your donkeys are home safe and sound.....sounds like they had a fine time indeed ;)


Ha! Those kids have great costumes for Halloween.

What a scare that was, glad you found them quickly and safely.


Sounds like the donkeys ended up having plenty of carrots from everyone! They might think it's worth another escape!! I can imagine your fright with that traffic so near. Glad they are okay!


I am so glad that you found them! Something about the woods...at my brother's house, where we are staying, there are plenty of woods. The animals are turning from docile, lazy carpet decorations into wild things. They come in with ticks. They don't want to come in at all sometimes. They will be seriously bummed when we move to the house with a "yard."

Sorry you had to go through all of that worry! I guess that carrot stereotype is true....hmmm.


Rachel, we are so worried that the donkeys liked their adventure a little too much. They now have this "gleam" in their eyes when they look over into the neighboring woods.

Michelle, the donkeys came back with plenty of ticks on them, too. Yuck.

I get two mental images when I think of this escapade: 1) the donkeys "trick or treating" for carrots ("great costumes" is right, Ken!) and 2) Keith and I out prowling through the woods with our flashlights with the donkeys, unbeknownst to us, trailing behind us, wondering what all the fuss is about!

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