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Monday, August 08, 2005



that's beautiful! and i totally agree with you about seed stitch - the delicate look of it matches babies so well.


Love it and I'm sure your co-worker will, too! And now that you've realized how easy DPNs are, do we see socks in your future?


That is fantastic! Good job, and look how many new knitting skills you picked up.

And speaking of local...I don't know how you are going to NOT go to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Local yarn!


Knitters are the kindest most supportive people - thanks, y'all! And they are also the most quietly insidious, what with their sly suggestions of sock knitting and yarn buying. ;-)

Well, I did happen to get some sock yarn recently, not that it means anything.


'Quietly insidious'? I much prefer 'enabling'. ;)


Such a sweet sweater and hat!


You just took this knitting thing and RAN with it! That looks great. I am still doing scarves for the most part....(or rather, not doing much of anything at all with fiber right now.) You definitely have a gift!


The sweater is just gorgeous. You have certainly learned quite a bit in just a few short months. Bravo!


Michelle, girl, you were my inspiration for getting started! And Amy, Meg, Liz, and others provided plenty of encouragement. I still have loads to learn and improve upon, but was able to make the leap from scarf to easy baby sweaters by reading Debbie Stoller's tips on how to read a pattern and how to make a pattern your own in Stitch 'n Bitch Nation. Then seeing the pattern for the easy-peasy Haiku sweater in the last Interweave Knits just made it "click" and now I feel ready to tackle more challenging projects.


Gee Janis, you really have the hang it. Looks great!


Ken, you will notice that the opening is symmetrical.... ;-)

Brett Rodgers

I love machine embroidery projects and I think that they are so much fun and exciting to do. I cant wait to keep doing stuff.

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