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Sunday, July 10, 2005



How scary! Reminds me of when one of my ducks got sick and I had to force administer epsom salts. You realize quickly how attached you are to them.

Glad Ambrose recovered quickly from his (your) ordeal.


You all kept a good head! I would have been darn near hysterical. What an awful, scary situation. I wonder what on earth caused it? I'm glad he's okay.


Liz, I think you were much more quick thinking with your sick duck!

It was really scary. I wish I could say I remained totally calm, but Keith would disagree. Even so, once we noticed that he didn't have the common symptoms of poisoning, we thought we might be able to wait it out. We stayed with him a good hour after he recovered, just watching him eat - and marveling at how quickly he had returned to his normal self.

The strange thing is imagining what he could have picked up in the grass to cause that reaction. I'm pretty careful about what I rake up and it's hard to think that there could be anything in it that could choke him. Also, take a look at the above photo where he's eating a thistle - and lemme tell you that he can eat several feet of thistle all at a go (with all those spiny prickles!) from one end of the stalk to the other without stopping.


I'm so glad Ambrose is okay and it serves as a reminder to me to quit shovelling so much food down my own gullet! Ambrose has saved my life!


Whew, glad Ambrose made it through. I was holding my breath while I was reading!! Love the avi of him running to you too. =)


I'm glad to read the happy ending!


Hi there, I just noticed your RSS feed is not loading correctly, Thought I should inform you.

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