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Thursday, June 30, 2005



it looks great!!!!


Thanks, Shannon!

Of course, it isn't perfect, and I've noticed small mistakes or things I'd do differently next time, but overall this was a great project for boosting the self-confidence of a neophyte knitter.

I have a good amount of worsted weight cotton that I purchased off eBay a while back, so am looking for similar projects. In the category of simple baby sweaters, the next project will likely be the Haiku sweater from Knitty.com.


That is so sweet, Janis. Look at you...jiggering with patterns and all. Great job!


That is precious. My first baby sweater ad one arm longer than the other.


Awwww, thanks for the encouragement, everyone. Knitting folks are the nicest people.

Ellen, that's classic! Was the sleeve a lot longer? Did you do anything about it or didja chalk it up to "first sweater"?


Hello Janis,
When you just get the knack of centering the opening it will be perfect! Don't give up, you almost have it ;)


Hello Janis,
(I'm feeling guilty from my sarcasm.)

That sweater really is great, with a nice style. Hard to imagine it's your first. Some lucky baby is getting a nice sweater.


No need for guilt, Ken! I love your wry sense of humor. You gave us some pretty good chuckles this morning.


I love seed stitch on kid's clothes. It's beautiful. :-)

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