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Saturday, May 21, 2005



Wow. That is very strange. I do think I would prefer the snake though. I want one for my house. We have a mice problem, and I am not willing to take personal responsibility. Perhaps I should let the chickens inside?


Maybe following those mice?


often birds nest in the rafters and the snakes are going for the eggs/fledglings.

But nothing like ceiling snakes to give you goosebumps!


Meg, that's an excellent observation about birds nests, eggs, and nestlings -the poor things.


Thought of you today - the mini donk down the road appears to have a new friend - a mini jenny with spots :) He also lives with a big old white horse.


Janis, where have you been? Miss ya.


Michelle, I've just been busy busy busy with visiting family and work, full of good intentions, but you know what they say about good intentions. Anyway, I'm back, itching to get posting again, and itching to see what I've been missing.


Hello Janis,
Oh Good, your back! Had been quiet. Thought you may be in Maine kayaking.

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