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Sunday, November 07, 2004



Thank-you for the leaves and the fire and the descriptions - all the things I miss about the Autumn up North!


Experiencing the beauty of four seasons is a real treat. The leaves smell great, but I can't say the same for burning hair!


Hello Janis, You really do need a fire helmet!


My old toy fire helmet would have been perfect protection! Also, I strongly suspect the donkeys would have been properly afraid of me with a siren atop my noggin. You know, I still can't figure it out: Molly and Ambrose get all skittish if they happen to see me in a hooded rain coat, but they were ready to practically walk into that fire yesterday!


The little donkeys!

Most people really don't appreciate how dignified and yet how silly the little donkeys are. You really have to see them to understand.

And their ears are ridiculously itchy. Though, they seem to be too proud to admit it.


That's 'cause the ears are a donkey's sacred place.

How do they raise and lower and rotate them like that, that's what I want to know.


All this talk of donkeys... I feel left out. I love animals. I am jealous. I want to see the ears do their stuff.


Their ears are so expressive!

When they are being very alert, the ears will be straight up and forward.

If they are trying to hone in on a particular sound, they will rotate an ear in that direction. Often they will alternate the rotations so that first one ear is facing to the side while the other is facing the front, and then they reverse positions - back and forth, back and forth.

If they are feeling safe or relaxed or openly curious (as opposed to being on alert), their ears will be open and down to the side in what we refer to as the "handle-bar" position.

If they are feeling ornery or dissatisfied in some way, their ears will be pointing back and starting to flatten. We call this "devil donkey ears" because it is often a precursor to mischievous behavior.

I should do an illustrated primer on the "secret language" of donkey ears!


That is cute - you should, with illustrations.

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