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Sunday, July 25, 2004



By the way, folks, this is the thread to read first. It was buried by the Farmette archive posts, so I thought it worth pointing out with a comment. ;)


Yes, your blog is great! Just thought I'd let you know:)
I came across it by looking up "pile of fur blankets" for my husband. He is a published artist and I do research for him.
Saw the Donkeys right away and showed him. He used to work with donkeys at a zoo growing up in Central Illinois.
Great stories! Thanks!


Hi! I really have enjoyed exploring your website! I found you by searching for info on donkeys. We just became proud owners of a standard size jennet named Sugarfoot. Our Clydesdale mare died and our Hinny mule, Daisy, was so lonely. Anyway, thanks for sharing part of your life. I just love the pictures!
Press On!

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